SO, starting to get more into this whole “blog” scene. I’ve always loved reading other blogs. I want this to stay a daily/weekly thing for me.

Anyways, much thinking has been done. It’s time for me to turn a new leaf and end my current pity party. To stop dwelling on the past. I’m only human so I’ll have weak moments but I plan to come back from each one with a vengeance!

Stumbled across this pretty awesome blog thanks to PunkDomestics.com (awesome site deff check it out) called “Clean” I believe to be the main title. From what I’ve read so far this has instantly become a favorite. I began reading because of recipes I found within it’s beautifully made posts and stayed for the enjoyable words and pictures. It’s about getting your hands dirty and making things yourself, about unity and planting some stable roots within a family. This blog certainly has a beautiful rhythm to it and I look forward to venturing through it’s archives. Unschooling, what a fascinating concept!

Recipe& Picture from mentioned blog. “How to Make Ghee.”

Check it out for yourself, you won’t regret it! :


I’ve been enchanted with photography ever since I remember my older sister taking a photography class in high school. Became even more interested in it when my father would bring me along with him on his outdoor ventures. He gave me a lot of appreciation for this kind of art I was so new to. It makes me sad I’ve waited this long to take an active interest in it. I don’t plan or even want to make a career out of photographing, I simply want to learn the basics and know how to work a camera without getting frustrated. I’ve messed around with my mother’s camera a few times only to get discouraged, but I’ve taken a couple pictures I’m fond of. I’ve fallen in love with the bright and crisp coloring!

Kudos to my sleepy model 🙂

Planning on taking some beginner classes, just need to find them!! I would just like to take pics of things without looking like they were taken with my phone. 😛

This must be my 3rd maybe even 4th attempt at a “first” post. I just have a hard time sticking with something until I find that I’ve outgrown my words and want to change them. Redeeming trait? Methinks not. I favor change, and on a regular basis but find it also scares me to death. Well, maybe not to THAT extent but sometimes…pretty close.

I love reading blogs and what others have to say. I guess one of the few redeeming qualities I actually posses is my ability and love to listen. I find when you listen close enough, you sometimes notice things you never wish you did, like when it’s time to say goodbye. I find my urge to blog/write is greater in times of grief rather than those of joy.

But this, this is not a goodbye but rather a friendly “Hello” to all those that happen upon this one-of-many blogs. Whether I’m just sending words out into the void or across some friendly pair of ears I’ll be happy nonetheless because at least they’re out there.

So hello, my name is Hayley I am 19 yrs young and I’m currently residing in New Hampshire. Home of many trees and abundance in teasing chipmunks. It’s a very laid back scene where I live, at times too laid back to the point of dullness. BUT, this place tends to have a knack of surprising me. Here in this blog, you may get to know me. I always enjoy meeting new people so feel free to wander through the coming posts, maybe you’ll find something of your own interest.